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Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that can be used in children. Play therapy does not only recognize environmental factor but also promote parent guidance and school consultation as important functions of the child therapist.

This article was aimed to understand psychoanalytic therapy as a way to help child to suffer less, relieve anxiety, cope with trauma, be better able to attend, learn and work in school, manage personal anger and aggression; and come to terms with a learning disability or physical handicap. The role of therapist in psychotherapy was very important. Therapist and his attitude was a form of intervention. Most of all, the therapist empathically listens and responds to the child. Parent guidance in therapeutic process was more effective. Parent-child relationship was as significant factor in effectiveness of play therapy.


psychoanalytic play therapy, play therapy, psychotherapy, child psychiatry.

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Sumarni. (2020). Psychoanalytic Play Therapy as Psychotherapy in Children. Scientia Psychiatrica, 1(3), 1-6.