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HIV/AIDS is still a serious public health problem across the world. WHO reported that there were 37.7 million HIV positive patient in 2020. Patient HIV/AIDS are more prone to developing mental illnesses, including depression. Depression is more common in HIV-positive (HIV+) people than in HIV-negative (HIV-). The factor associated with depression in HIV/AIDS patients include age, gender, stigma, discrimination, social support, living alone, marital, educational, employment status, socioeconomic, the use of ART, CD4 count, and disease course. The high prevalence of depression and depressive symptom in HIV/AIDS patient emphasize the significance of delivering excellent mental health treatment, as well as the importance of long-term support and routine depression management.


HIV AIDS Depression Depressive Symptoms

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Melani, M. (2021). Prevalence and Factors Associated Depression or Depressive Symptoms in Patients with HIV/AIDS. Scientia Psychiatrica, 4(1), 331-338.